swedish summer
Europe, Sweden

Midsummer 2020

After a seemingly endless winter, Swedish summer is so blissful! The summer holidays are kicked off by midsummer which is bittersweet. There is so much sunshine and celebration…but darker days are coming (quite literally). This year we spent a few days at our friends summer cabin on a small island in a beautiful lake about 40 minutes from home.

We organized a bring and share meal -including all traditional Swedish food and drinks. There was sill (herring), lots of boiled potatoes and even schnapps – complete with us ‘singing’ the accompanying midsummer/drinking song! My personal favourite is one about small frogs, and it gets me seeing adults and children alike singing and acting like frogs!

Here you’ll find an explanation and have a listen if you’d like!

The weekend was spent hanging out in hammocks, lazing on the dock, playing cards, making flower crowns, swimming, fishing and more! We are so grateful and lucky to get to hang out at this gorgeous place so often. It is quite possibly my most favourite place in Sweden!