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Free things to do in Örebro

Örebro is located roughly in the middle of Sweden and is the fifth most populous city in the country. It still has the feel and charm of a town but boasts all the amenities you would expect in a big city. Many of these things like dining out or taking cruises on the nearby Lake Hjälmaren will cost you money but fortunately there are a number of free things you can do in and around Örebro.

Örebro Public Library

One of the best free things any city can offer is library access. Örebro Bibliotek has a number of branches in the city with the main branch being near the town centre. You can become a member without having a Swedish Personal number, you just have to ask. The staff have all been very friendly helpful. They also have a great website where you can search for and reserve books from anywhere in Sweden, once they arrive at your local branch you will get a text message to come and collect them. Most of the books are in Swedish but they have a decent selection of books in other languages too.

Parkrun Örebro

Running may not be everyones cup of tea but parkrun is generally one of the free things we like to do wherever we travel. This one scores bonus points because of its beautiful setting and the fika (coffee and treats) afterwards. If you want to read more about our experiences at this weekly event follow this link.


Some free things will not appeal to everyone and this is not usually on my to do list. Sometimes however it is just really breathtaking to see huge flocks of birds taking flight, aquatic species floating around on a lake or dive bombing into the water in search of prey . Judging by the number of photographers I see on my morning runs, all lined up with their gigantic lenses the lakes and river around Örebro must be an area worth frequenting. There are loads of pathways and access points all around with convenient hides where you can sit and watch all day. Some areas even have glass fronted buildings with woodturning stoves where you can hang around and watch the wildlife, and people, go by.

A hide hidden down a snowy pathway

Have a braai (bbq for non-South Africans)

Another of our favourite free things to do is to have a braai, although of course you still have to provide your own supplies. Littered along the river banks, the shore of the lake and in most of the outdoor areas in Örebro are fire pits with built in grills. Most of these also regularly get stocked with firewood. What more could you ask for? Perfect for summer afternoons or chilly autumn evenings, in fact, there’s no reason not to use them all year round!

Friends and a fire


Certainly my favourite pastime and even more so when it makes the list of free things to do in any area! A large part of the river Svartån running through Örebro is designated as a free fishing area. There are some restrictions to number of rods used and species you’re allowed to fish for, read more about these on the Örebro municipality website. Although I haven’t caught many fish here you do have a chance of hooking into something decent. Species like pike, perch, zander/walley, trout and bream are all present.

Small pike I caught off jetty on the river.

Go hiking

There are many short trails and small nature preserves littered around Örebro and its outskirts. Most of them have marked trails and a map at the entrance. Just a 30 minute drive out of town is Naturreservat Annaboda ( it can also be reached by bus). Here you can find even more trails, camp sites and bbq/picnic sites. Entrance is free of course

Go for a walk around town

Sometimes the best way to explore any new place is on foot. You get a much better feel for the city or town you’re in when you can walk around and explore at your own pace. Not having to worry about parking, accidentally turning into a one-way street or find yourself driving in a pedestrian only zone. Yes, I have done all of these at some point over the last few years. Örebro is very pedestrian friendly and there are parks and benches all over where you can take a break from all the exploring.

What are the best things you like to do to find your feet and get a feel for a new city or area you visit or live in?