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Chasing KM 2017 Catch Up

Catch up

Time for a little catch up! I know I said I wouldn’t be doing these monthly updates this time around but I guess I find myself talking to everyone in my head telling them about what we have been doing and all our experiences so what the heck. Also, it’s nice to have a little hobby/ thing to do, and it’s helping me get back into blogging. Everything became a bit overwhelming (getting engaged, leaving Korea, travelling for ten months, planning a wedding and moving back to Korea) and we kind of just dug in our heels.

In one sense it was nice to be fully present, living in the moment and take photos of things we actually found to be visually appealing, and not just necessary for the blog. And, I’m really enjoying going through and editing all of our photos from that incredible year of travel now. Its such fun to remember all the feelings and places we saw and people we met etc. If you follow along on my Instagram you’ll notice we are definitely a few months behind. I am trying to catch up and hope to eventually be able to actually INSTA gram (or at least within a week or two).

So for those of you who need to catch up, this is how 2017 went for us…


We packed up our life in South Korea, after teaching English there for two years. I couldn’t believe how much STUFF we had, and how difficult it was to downsize (from an already tiny apartment) to a backpack! While packing things up, we got engaged! More on that in a separate post, but seriously couldn’t have been more perfect, more surprising, more fun, more special or more US! This definitely made leaving Korea a little harder to do! Then we left Korea, with just a backpack each and one laptop bag.

chasing km catch up
engaged on this bench…. and leaving Korea


 We backpacked through Europe for two months, using Couchsurfing, Workaway and good old friends along the way. Then we headed to Ireland with no plan, met up with friends from the UK, (twice), sailed to Rathlin Island (thanks Chris for the video), crisscrossed the country in multiple hire cars and took each day on a whim. We completely fell in love with the country despite how unprepared we were for HOW EXPENSIVE IT WAS!!!


Then we headed to the USA, which was one of our most impulsive/ last minute (but not really because Mark doesn’t let anything really be planned at the last minute) things we have done… basically because my parents were planning on visiting the US in July last year and I couldn’t bear that they were there without me, so we decided to go for 6 months. So, we spent the next 6 month travelling around the USA. We rented a car through Avis mini-lease for a few months (single-handedly our LARGEST expense) which was the best thing we could have done for our trip. Then, we traded in our backpacks for a hand luggage trolley bag each and drove a square-ish shape around the USA for the next 5 months and 28 days. We visited 15 national parks, 10 family members, countless old friends and made so many more!

catch up, usa, travel
Bad quality pics snapped as we drove over state lines

South Africa

After 9 months of moving around, it was time to head home. Our adventure through ten countries, many states, countless cities and probably a million different sleeping places. While we were in Europe we actually kept tabs on how many floors/couches/bunk beds/air beds etc we had slept on! We needed to have a home base for a while, fill up our family/friend love tanks and GET MARRIED! We had already set a date by September. Thanks to my mom, aunt and cousin, we had a venue booked and confirmed. So by the time we got home, we had 8 weeks to plan this thing! It was such a wonderful time to be home with family and friends. We got to celebrate Christmas, birthdays, two family members weddings and the news of two new babies arriving mid-year! Summer holidays in Durban are a special thing!

catch up, welcome home, South Africa
The cutest Welcome Home

We had the most wonderful, chilled out wedding, which I’ll get around to blogging about at a later stage and sharing some photos. For now here’s a little slideshow our awesome photographer, CC Rossler put together for us like the very next day! How awesome is the song? It couldn’t be more relevant to us! Such an awesome send-off on the day we went on honeymoon. We stayed local (in KZN) by visiting a Game Reserve and spending time in the berg at one of our favourite places. We weren’t quite ready to jet off again at that stage.

Korea 2.0

And then we found ourselves heading back down the slippery slope that is South Korea. Those of you who know us well, know that we LOVED our time in Korea. While we weren’t planning on coming back quite so soon, an opportunity arose. And for us, that is what life is about – opportunity. So we seized it (and dealt with the super long flight that reminded us why we didn’t want to settle here permanently.) We have some other plans on the back burner, and we will give you all another catch up when we figure those things out. For now, we know that our life is out in the Big Wide World, and we can’t really give you more information than that!

Well, this started out as a Korea update, but felt you needed to catch up on everything that lead us here. We hope to be a little more present here on the blog in the coming months. Thanks for reading, and literally chasing us through the world in this post!


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