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Mt Tallac Photo Journal

Hiking Mt Tallac

One hike on our South Lake Tahoe bucket list was getting to the top of Mt Tallac. Among other hikes we did in Tahoe, this was our favourite. We left it to just about the last minute before finally getting around to it. Thanks to Uncle John and some new found friends, we had an entertaining journey up and down. We couldn’t believe that we started the hike in sunshine and at the top there was still some leftover snow – in August!! The out-and-back hike was around 10km each way so it was a tiring journey that left our legs feeling a little jelly-like at the end of the day. Needless to say, it was nothing a milkshake couldn’t fix!

Here are a few photos of our day to inspire you to get out there and climb a mountain!

mt tallac mt tallac mt tallacPS: This doggy friends name is Cicado and we thought he was just the most handsome fella! he even ate the snow on the top and clambered about the rocky peak like a boss! Cannot wait till we have a furry friend to go adventuring with!