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Spring Blossoms in Keukenhof Gardens

Ever since I was in grade two I’ve been wanting to visit The Netherlands. I wanted to see tulips and windmills, go to cheese markets and wear clogs and see real delftware and just about everything else we got taught about in our “Around the World'” theme. There really was no doubt that this country would feature on our Eurotrip. Of course, many of these things do not excite Mark as much as they excite me, namely, Keukenhof Gardens – the most beautiful spring garden in the world!

Needless to say, we decided that this would be a trip I took on my own, firstly because of Marks lesser interest in tulips and spring flowers and secondly because of the entrance fee. Of course Europe is expensive, but to get into Keukenhof was €16 (€24 for a combi ticket including transport) so it would just be an unnecessary expense! Also, the garden only opens on the 23rd March and because we were in Amsterdam around the end of March, I knew not all the flowers would be in bloom. But, I’d rather see some than none!

Keukenhof is located in the town of Lisse, just Southwest of Amsterdam/South of Haarlem. About an hour and a half journey from our hostel in Amsterdam.  Off I went, just after 7am to try and get there nice and early in order to meet Mark around lunch time in Haarlem. The bus ride was pleasant, through beautiful little towns and lots of lush green fields – a welcome contrast to bus rides in Korea. The walk from the bus stop to the pedestrian entrance passes all the flower fields – the ones you see pictures of that look like lines and lines of bright colours. Of course, being early spring, not all the bulbs were open, but some were. I got super excited seeing these fields in real life!!




Inside the park there are beautiful flower gardens in all different patterns and designs with over 800 varieties of tulips! As I walked in and spotted my first array of gorgeous tulips sparking with dew drops in the early morning sunshine, I think i may have had some tears glisten in my eyes. I spent the next few hours marveling at their beauty, taking selfies and enjoying the sunshine. Yes, they’re only flowers, but darn beautiful ones at that. Here are a few pictures I took along the way!

Anyone else been to Keukenhof – or any other spring garden-and seen the flowers in all their glory?
 Let me know in the comments below 🙂