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Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights

After weeks of being cooped up in the winter and not seeing enough daylight hours, we rejoiced when Spring came around. So started our Friday evening routine of watching the sunset and having a beer together… hence, Friday Night Lights.

I finish work at 4:40pm and take a leisurely walk back to Mark’s apartment and wait for him until 6pm when he finished. In the beginning, I would wait downstairs on the road and meet Mark along the way at a brisk walk just to catch the sunset. We would quickly stop in at the convenience store to choose a beer each and a snack, before crossing the road to the park. We sat in the same park, on the same bench and watched the sun sink between the hills and over the bay (sounds romantic, and it is, but Korea’s bays are not that pretty). Eventually we had more and more time to spend there as the sun started setting later and later. We really loved chatting about our weeks together and preparing for the weekend. This little routine became something we looked forward to (sometimes from as early on as Monday) and definitely gave us that “Friday feeling”. We couldn’t do it every weekend, as sometimes we had plans away for the weekend or went straight through to my house after work if we had plans that side. The last time we went, we were so surprised that we almost didn’t make it before the sun set. It’s a harsh reality when you realise your days are getting shorter. Summer is over, Autumn is just about out the door and we are ready to try enjoy our last season here in Korea. Reminisce with us through these photos we took while we were there 🙂







One time we had some friends join us



One time we had  a dog


and one time we shared a kiss 🙂


Goodbye, good weather!