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Hadong Camping


Hadong Camping

I’m a bit late on this bandwagon, but here is an overview of our first camping trip. The lead up to it went something like this:
1. Bought tent and a few other necessary camping supplies from some friends who were leaving Korea.
2. Found friends online
3. Bought samgyupsal and s’mores supplies
4. Decided on a location along a lovely big river bank
5. Met said friends (for the first time) and camped with them!

Spring Camping Season

This was such a great start to the spring (still winter really) camping season and we had such a wonderful time. This is probably still one of my favourite locations that we have camped at here in Korea and I still really hope to go back and enjoy it further. But, as our time comes to an end here in Korea, I’m not sure we will have the opportunity to. We had to park up on the road (and managed to fit our little cars in a little nook next to a walking and cycling path – maybe not 100% legit) and cart our gear down a concrete retaining wall slope which wasn’t the most ideal. We enjoyed feeling like we were away from civilisation all the way down there so it was a small price to pay!



There was a plum blossom festival going on nearby, so we had quite a lot of traffic as we got into Hadong. We were far enough away from the festival though. Make sure you go through the small town (instead of the main road along the river) if you’re coming from the East, especially if there’s a festival going on. Our friends coming from the other side (west) didn’t hit any traffic and settled in an hour or so before us! There are a few camping sites along the river too, but they are often full, or not very inspiring (for us anyway) as they generally just have a flat, concrete spot for you to camp on with many other people! But if you don’t mind that, the option is there!


경남 하동군 화개면 부춘리 1165


Springtime in Korea is beautiful and I get so excited at all the new signs of life and greenery! We were spoiled with some of the first cherry blossoms on our walk along the river, as well as the cutest little tea plantations right under our noses! We had a rather pleasant walk in the late afternoon sunshine, before starting our fire and getting dinner started. 

Besides the great location along an awesome stretch of river bank, we met some wonderful people who we have had the privilege of calling our friends since! We are sad that most of them have since left, but glad we still have the memories! Thanks, Huttons, Hedgers and soon-to-be Herders for our introduction to Camping in Korea (and more-so, “Guerilla Camping”)



You can read about the Herders and Huttons experience of this weekend getaway, by clicking on their names!

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  1. Always great fun to meet/make new friends while enjoying and outdoor adventure! Looks like a nice peaceful sight as well 🙂 Not sure I will make it out there, but have some friends who love to camp – I'll be sure to pass this along 🙂 Cheers!

  2. Many people aren't familiar with Hadong, but my boyfriend and I have been twice so it was great reading up on your camping trip there and knowing where it was exactly! We went river rafting there and clam digging for their festival recently and the outdoor scene is killer. It's great you were also able to enjoy the spring time scenery. 🙂

  3. I'm so jealous of your trip. It seems like you all had a fantastic time. I've been in Korea for 8 months now and have yet to camp! I do have a tent and sleeping bag… I'm hoping I can fit one or two camping trips before it gets too cold. I'm loving the fall weather so I'm crossing my fingers it stays this nice for a while!

  4. What a cute blog! I really really miss camping, so it's nice to read about everyone else's camping adventures (which I plan to do as well when the kids are a bit older). I hear camping on Korean mountains are awesome too 🙂

  5. That's so cool, except that the start of spring is still cold. It's always nice to try new things, go to new places and meet new people. It's such a refreshing journey. So how long did you stay in Hadong? I am not a fan of camping, but it looks fun and it looks like you owned the place because nobody's there except you and your new friends.

  6. Looks like a lot of fun, but I would go a few months later when it's a bit warmer. LOL. From your pictures I can see that it is a beautiful place. They have a tea plantation there as well?

  7. Never done camping but wish to. We have very camping places here along Han River where you can rent tents and other necessities but for camping enthusiasts that may not even count hahaha. I'm sure you'll want to go back there on warmer season.

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