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Fishing in Korea

Here, I will try to share my experiences fishing in South Korea. I have done mostly bass fishing with the odd trip to the ocean and a few attempts at catching some species on fly. Most of the dams I have fished are irrigation dams which means their water levels can fluctuate dramatically as the seasons change.

I found fishing in Korea to be quite difficult in the beginning as my forays were hampered by public transport and by very heavy fishing pressure in most areas. I will share locations I have found, baits I have been successful with as well as photos and videos when they are available.
I have been quite fortunate in that we bought a car towards the end of 2015 and my reachable fishing venues and times increased quite a bit. Another good thing was running into a local Korean fisherman who speaks some English. We have since become good friends and he has taken me to many fishing spots around the area we live and introduced me to a few new methods/lures etc to catch some bass.
Most Korean fishermen of the “old school” variety who like to set themselves up in one spot for the day, put up to 15 rods in the water and sit and wait in the hopes of catching a fish. They fish mostly for crucian carp. They tend to frown on bass fishermen disturbing their peace and also kill any bass they get as by catches. Also, fishing in Korea is not regulated in most of the country so they take whatever they want out of the water, regardless of size,species,time of year or fishing method.
Bass and bluegill can be found in most bodies of water in Korea as they were introduced as a food source in the 1960’s and have spread quite prolifically. They are both hardy species and have put heavy pressure on native fish populations fighting for the same food sources.
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